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TAMIL FARMERS Direct – Connecting Directly With Farmers

At TAMIL FARMERS Direct, you would now be able to get vegetables and organic products conveyed to you legitimately from our homesteads. Alongside natural and solid vegetables and organic products, we likewise bring food grains to your doorstep. Conveying everything that you would require each day including natural products, vegetables, Marachekku oil food grains, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With everything else accessible on the web, you can likewise get vegetables and organic products on the web. Our conveyance experts take all the vital precautionary measures and are consistently on schedule. TAMIL FARMERS has set up an E-Commerce store that is essentially from a horticultural family. Our occupation has been cultivating for 70 Years growing a few yields that incorporate oil seeds also. Since we are from a cultivating network, we know very well how significant is the strength of the individuals which will thusly add to the development of the country. Our fundamental point is to give solid Fresh vegetables, organic products, Leafy Greens (Keerai), and Marachekku oils to the individuals of our State with no trade-off in the quality. We guarantee you and challenge you with satisfaction that our quality can be tried anyplace and whenever. Since Quality and Health to All are our definitive Vision.

We at TAMIL FARMERS Direct have the best quality items prepared for your pick.

With us you get
  • Organic Farm Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – We assist you with changing your kitchen into a solid one by conveying vegetables and organic products legitimately from the ranch.
  • On-time conveyance – We generally stay faithful to our obligation to convey the requests on schedule.

Our thought is to bring the ranch vegetable and oil items accessible from Tamil Nadu and legitimately disseminates them to the client through our site. We have our own homesteads where we are making a portion of the above items. So our trademark from homestead to clients straightforwardly in Tamil Nadu with the goal that attention more on the self-manageable idea.